Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why I Go to Rexburg and Why I Come Home!

Last week, I went on another Adventure, I drove to Rexburg to spend time with my babies (big and small). Why do I undertake such a huge task? Look below and you will know why...
Oh how I love and miss these goof balls!

Cori worked so hard on Alexa's hair for church, and amazing it stayed in so she could wear it to preschool, she was so cute! Thanks for letting me sleep in your room Alexa...

Jakob being picked up at school with his brand new Bronco scarf hanging out of the bottom of his coat! Thanks for letting me stay in your room also. You look hot in your scarf.

Conner being picked up from pre-school, he is getting so smart! Thanks for the snuggles! You look handsome in your scarf also.

Cori ready for her early morning school drop off - she starts early! Everyone is in school...she is an amazing mother, I wish I was closer to help, I loved spending time with her.

We worked on Baby Stuff, trying to help get them ready for Little Tyler! Note the diapers and wipes leaning up against the fridge!

Colin - thanks for letting me stay, we are so proud of you, keep up the good work! You are a good example to the rest of us. Thanks for taking such good care of our daughter, and our precious grandkids.

I took Brian and Lacy out to dinner, so much fun to talk and hear all about their lives, plans and dreams. Hang in there I have no doubt you will make them happen-all of them. I love you both!

Jordan and Natalie got good news about baby Moon, Natalie and baby are healthy and doing great. Happy day for us all. We are so excited, and love you so much! You are the first grandchild to carry on the Moon name (if it's a boy).
P.S. thats Stacy Graham (Ryan is her husband) in the background, they moved in recently to the same Apt. complex as Cori and Colin. They have the cutest little girls as you can see below sitting with Alexa!

Packed my bags and headed to Salt Lake...My mom's 75th Birthday, it was a surprise.

They weren't even home when I knocked, so I went with my Sister Wendy out to eat and shopping - so much fun to be with her (wish Kristen could have come but on such late notice she couldn't make it) then about 9:30 pm I headed back to my mom and dads and really surprised them.
Wednesday her birthday - October 14th her sisters came and visited, went out to lunch and spent a great day together.
Karene, in the purple, Lynette in red and mom standing.

Dinner at mom's favorite Mexican restrauant, Dad, Mom, Dick, Lynette & Karene.

End of a great day - Lynette, Karene, Sherrie (mom)

Dick, Lynette, Karene, Mom. Thanks Dick and Lynette for making mom's day so fun.

Happy Birthday - goodby hug!

Headed home - to the rest of my babies (big and small). Oh how I missed them!

Scraping ceilings - nasty job, it's taking forever! Redecorating April's room, and because of that she wanted a paper Home Depot hat to wear while working...

The first of many attempts for a Christmas Card Picture for Laura, Cameron, Ben and Brady. I'm so glad Laura lives close by, it would be a killer having everybody gone. At least April is home on break so we have a few more months with her.
Well now that I am home safe, sound and exahusted.
The Miracle in all of this, after driving almost 2000 miles-I made it by myself with no mishaps and enjoyed almost every minute of it (the last part of the drive home was a little long). Just want you to know that I love my family, every stinkin' one of them and I would drive to the ends of the earth and back again to be with them!

I think I'm gonna rest up for my next adventure!
Hmm when will it be?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Guess What I Get - April Is Jealous!!!

I am so excited Keith just ordered me this! A brand new, Purple, Ipod Nano 16 GB. Wahoo. I have been telling April and Keith that I wanted an Ipod to walk/run/exercise with, I was thinking music would help so I wouldn't get bored and keep me moving fast. I was thinking of buying one with my next paycheck. At Boeing, Keith gets points for being a good boy, he had enough and then some to get this for me.
I asked my Laurels which one to get and this is the one they told me. It has a Video Camera, FM Radio with live pause, also when the radio is playing is shows the song and artist, a pedometer, and lots of room for Videos - 16 hours worth, and of course many tunes, exactly 4000 to be exact. Oh yea a 2.2 inch screen.
I am so lucky, April is not so happy she says she doesn't want to teach me because I am electronic illiterate. Anybody want to take on the job?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bridge Jumpers and More, Camping 2009

Bathing Beauties

Cori and Conner

Bowler Family on the Ferry

Uncle Ben making sand castles

Darth Mader Training Camp

Training Camp Graduates - Happy Birth Day Cameron

Grandma and Grandpa Ed

Master Camper

Quarterback Lacy



Laura, April, Cameron

April and Lacy.

Brian & Lacy, Jordan & Natalie

Jakob & Conner

Colin, Jakob & Conner

Brian & Lacy, Jordan & Natalie

Colin standing on the water!

Jordan and Natalie

April and B's

Alexa being herself!

Natalie braided, Lacy's, Cameron's & Alexas Hair

Laura had a handle on the bees, with the bug spray hanging from her tie and holding the Citrinella candle!

3 Darth Maders and Alexa!

Jo cooking breakfast!

Natalie staying away from the bees!

This past summer was so fun, very busy but fun. We had our 1st annual Moon Family Vacation. The place of choice was Orcas Island, camping for 3 nights in Moran State Park. So we planned, and organized and worked hard to coordinate everyones' schedules. We had Cori & Colin, Brian & Lacy, and April coming from Idaho. Jordan and Natalie coming from a wedding in Manti, Utah. Grandma & Grandpa Ed coming from Salt Lake. We did it, it was a Miracle in itself. We endured, the Ferry, no campfires, bees, sunburns, very hot temperatures, and a little bit of a walk to the bathrooms (not bad during the day but night another story!) We had Camerons "Darth Mader" birthday party, jumped off bridges, swam in the Lake, went to Mt. Constitution, had lots of good food that we took turns cooking, made ice cream, braided hair, twirled walking sticks, and just enjoyed everyones company. Thanks everybody for coming, pitching in, enduring the heat and the bees, and being together as a family. It was priceless...lets do it again.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What If It Really Was a Sniper?

Ok really kids, I know I am a hands on, in your face, you better do what's right kind of a mother but really - you didn't have to take me out going 70 miles an hour on the freeway. Besides you aren't a very good aim. You hit the sliding door window - shattered it - and pretty much scared me to death. It took me a few seconds to figure out what had happened - by that time I had Whiplash and my heart was in my throat but I had enough sense to pull over to the left side of the freeway, put on my flashers and sit there and shake for a while. Not to mention the message I left your dad on his answering machine. He said my voice was pretty shakey.
( Where is everybody when I need them?)

Pretty soon I realized I was ok, and no one was around to help me. I put on my right blinker, merged back on to the 5 Freeway and headed on to my destination. Did you know that it is really cold driving on a freeway in the winter,
with no window and a car full of glass - even with the heater on?

Ok so maybe it wasn't a sniper but something happened that sucked the window right out of the van. I really was going 70 on the freeway and it pretty much ruined my day.
So I say what else can go wrong.
It happens in 3's they say -
#1 Gallbladder
#2 Shattered Window at 70 MPH
#3 Any guesses?
I guess the miracle in this is all is well!
Except our deductible is more than it is going to cost to
fix the window so we are out of luck on any insurance.
On second thought - maybe I have it all wrong - the Christmas Tree falling on my head could have started it all, if that is the case then 3 things have happened and I am all done... Could it Be??

Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh What Do You Do In The Winter Time....

...when you are in Rexburg in January and it is freezing cold outside? You watch your grandchildren dance. This was the cutest thing watching 3 year old Conner show us his moves. Everyone should be able to dance like this - right? We hear that 5 year old Jakob can certainly belch like a boy. But not to be outdone by 2 year old Alexa - no way not even - although holding up your pants can be hard when you are dancing.

Grandkids are the greatest pasttime...don't you agree.

Friday, November 21, 2008

And She Said Yes...

It's been almost a year since Jordan announced he had a New Years Resolution to ask out this cute girl in his ward -
Natalie was her name. He was nervous; but he had a plan.
He went back to school last January after the Christmas break -
determined he was going to do it.
Well he did ask her out on a date,
...and she said yes!
The above picture is taken at Disneyland a few months later -
I think in May, maybe Memorial Weekend.
He had just given her a diamond ring
and had asked her to be his Princess Forever,
...and she said yes!
In August - he took her to the Temple to make it official,
...and she said yes!

A few weeks ago a friend from our Ward went to Rexburg to see Jordan. They hadn't seen each other for about 4 years with Missions and all. He stayed and visited for a while. After spending time with Jordan and Natalie he has announced he wants to have a life just like them. He wants an old ripped couch with a cover on it. He wants a cardboard box for an end table. He wants to be poor, he wants to be in love just like them,
he wants to be happy just like them.

On November 28th is Natalies Birthday,
her first Birthday as a Moon!
Our life has been crazy with many things going on including another wedding and I don't think I have expressed my appreciation and love like I should to her.
So here's to you Natalie!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Thank You for making my son the happiest man on earth
Thank You for being who you are
Thank You for loving him
Thank You for stepping right into our family and
becoming a part of us
Thank You for the sparkle in your eyes and your
delightful personality
Thank You for being exactly what Jordan was looking for
Most important..
Thank You for saying Yes!
Happy Birthday - I hope your day will be magical
and all your wishes come true.
You are so stinkin' cute!
We love you so much
and at this Thanksgiving Season
we are so Thankful and excited to have you in our family!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Already Know Her

Things are crazy at my house and have been for the last year. We are in constant wedding mode and I will be so glad when it is over. The other day I got a package in the mail from Albion, Idaho with a bunch of pictures in it. Of course knowing what it was I ripped it heart skipped a beat when I saw this picture. This is my newest future daughter-in-law "Lacy B" as Brian calls her. I recognized her, she belongs, she's a part of me and I hardley know her. I just am amazed at the miracle of her coming to our family. That sweet little face was destined to be a Moon from the beginning of time - I know it...because like I said - I recognized her! I am so glad Brian found her. I knew he would!