Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why I Go to Rexburg and Why I Come Home!

Last week, I went on another Adventure, I drove to Rexburg to spend time with my babies (big and small). Why do I undertake such a huge task? Look below and you will know why...
Oh how I love and miss these goof balls!

Cori worked so hard on Alexa's hair for church, and amazing it stayed in so she could wear it to preschool, she was so cute! Thanks for letting me sleep in your room Alexa...

Jakob being picked up at school with his brand new Bronco scarf hanging out of the bottom of his coat! Thanks for letting me stay in your room also. You look hot in your scarf.

Conner being picked up from pre-school, he is getting so smart! Thanks for the snuggles! You look handsome in your scarf also.

Cori ready for her early morning school drop off - she starts early! Everyone is in school...she is an amazing mother, I wish I was closer to help, I loved spending time with her.

We worked on Baby Stuff, trying to help get them ready for Little Tyler! Note the diapers and wipes leaning up against the fridge!

Colin - thanks for letting me stay, we are so proud of you, keep up the good work! You are a good example to the rest of us. Thanks for taking such good care of our daughter, and our precious grandkids.

I took Brian and Lacy out to dinner, so much fun to talk and hear all about their lives, plans and dreams. Hang in there I have no doubt you will make them happen-all of them. I love you both!

Jordan and Natalie got good news about baby Moon, Natalie and baby are healthy and doing great. Happy day for us all. We are so excited, and love you so much! You are the first grandchild to carry on the Moon name (if it's a boy).
P.S. thats Stacy Graham (Ryan is her husband) in the background, they moved in recently to the same Apt. complex as Cori and Colin. They have the cutest little girls as you can see below sitting with Alexa!

Packed my bags and headed to Salt Lake...My mom's 75th Birthday, it was a surprise.

They weren't even home when I knocked, so I went with my Sister Wendy out to eat and shopping - so much fun to be with her (wish Kristen could have come but on such late notice she couldn't make it) then about 9:30 pm I headed back to my mom and dads and really surprised them.
Wednesday her birthday - October 14th her sisters came and visited, went out to lunch and spent a great day together.
Karene, in the purple, Lynette in red and mom standing.

Dinner at mom's favorite Mexican restrauant, Dad, Mom, Dick, Lynette & Karene.

End of a great day - Lynette, Karene, Sherrie (mom)

Dick, Lynette, Karene, Mom. Thanks Dick and Lynette for making mom's day so fun.

Happy Birthday - goodby hug!

Headed home - to the rest of my babies (big and small). Oh how I missed them!

Scraping ceilings - nasty job, it's taking forever! Redecorating April's room, and because of that she wanted a paper Home Depot hat to wear while working...

The first of many attempts for a Christmas Card Picture for Laura, Cameron, Ben and Brady. I'm so glad Laura lives close by, it would be a killer having everybody gone. At least April is home on break so we have a few more months with her.
Well now that I am home safe, sound and exahusted.
The Miracle in all of this, after driving almost 2000 miles-I made it by myself with no mishaps and enjoyed almost every minute of it (the last part of the drive home was a little long). Just want you to know that I love my family, every stinkin' one of them and I would drive to the ends of the earth and back again to be with them!

I think I'm gonna rest up for my next adventure!
Hmm when will it be?


Cori said...

cute pictures of the kids, not a fan of mine. And just a quick reminder Jakob is spelled with a K. You must still be recovering from your long drive to have misspelled his name ;-)

Moonmagic said...

Sorry-fixed it, putting a k in jakob takes extra brain power which I am losing fast - if I make the mistake again just keep reminding me.

Natalie Moon said...

Sherlyn, you documented your trip perfectly! Thanks for coming to visit! We can't wait to see you all at Christmas!